AECOM Internship Summer 2024 Program

High school and college students who are interested in joining the U.S.-based engineering and construction company where they could be involved in a wide variety of activities related to the construction site, such as engineering design and analysis, are welcome to apply for the AECOM Internship. As an intern here, you will have the opportunity to participate in collaborative learning activities and network with colleagues at all levels of the organization. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for many available intern jobs in a wide range of fields such as environmental, civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, and many more. For this reason, it is important that you submit an application and take advantage of exceptional mentoring and supervision opportunities that allow you to acquire a deeper understanding of your roles.

AECOM Internship 2024 – Paid Internship Program

Aecom Internship


AECOM was founded on April 6, 1990, and has worked on numerous government projects worldwide, including the London Underground, high-speed rail corridors, and toll roads in the U.S. In addition to restoring Lake Tahoe and Kahoolawe Island Reserve in Hawaii, they have also completed significant environmental projects. The company excels at innovative concepts as well as traditional engineering roles, such as program management consulting that assists large development agencies in managing and coordinating multiple stakeholders with competing interests, community engagement that ensures projects align with citizen values, and emergency services that respond quickly when natural disasters occur. As a leader in their field, it offers combined expertise in energy sources, water treatment facilities, solid waste management systems, etc. With over 50,000 employees, the company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and its Chairman is Douglas W. Stotlar.

AECOM Internship


  • Company Name: AECOM
  • Location: Burbank, California, United States
  • Industry: Civil Engineering
  • Career Level: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates

Benefits You Will Get at AECOM

If you join AECOM Internships, your starting salary pay will be around $55,618 per year, and as you acquire experience, you will gain more knowledge and become more confident. Additionally, you will be able to build strong professional networks as well as connect with corporate and industry leaders who may be helpful throughout your career. You will also learn the skills you need to be successful in any workplace setting with the help of these mentorships.

Criteria To Apply

An internship at AECOM requires you to possess a degree in an appropriate field, such as civil engineering or architecture. You must also have excellent communication and leadership skills, along with your educational credentials, in order to benefit their organization. You must also demonstrate a high level of interest in learning new technologies associated with the profession, as well as relevant development skills such as AutoCAD and GIS software expertise.

Application Process for AECOM Internship?

You can apply for the AECOM Internship summer program by clicking on the “Apply for AECOM Internships” button. This will lead you to the company’s official career website, where you can view various student jobs in a variety of fields and select one that best matches your skills and qualifications. You will then need to click “Apply Now”, and a form will appear in which you can either submit your application with LinkedIn or submit your resume and give details about yourself electronically. Then, you must provide all required documents, such as educational certificates, work experience records, and proof of identity. Your application will be confirmed via email once it has been submitted, and you will be notified if you qualify for an interview.

Apply for AECOM Internships

Last Words

With an internship at AECOM, students will have the opportunity to gain guidance and experience that will help them advance professionally. In addition to productive work, mentorship programs, and innovative practices, interns will learn practical skills that will be useful after they graduate. By working with this company, students can also become aware of the many different roles within their chosen field.

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