3M Internship Summer 2024 For Graduates

The 3M Internship offers an unparalleled opportunity for ambitious minds to explore the boundaries of invention as it embarks on a transformative path. This renowned program, which is dedicated to encouraging brilliance, encourages young people to advance their careers. Join 3M, a worldwide leader at the forefront of ground-breaking solutions, and unleash your potential in a dynamic workplace where creativity and cutting-edge technology combine. Improve your professional chances and make a lasting impression on the globe by participating in an amazing internship with 3M.

3m Internships Summer 2024 – Entry Level Career Opportunities
3M Internship

About 3M

3M was founded in 1902 and is a global multinational conglomerate that produces products across many industries. As a company, it operates primarily in safety & industrial, transportation & electronics, as well as healthcare, & consumer markets. Its products in the safety and industrial segment include personal protective equipment, adhesives and tapes, chemicals, and industrial paints and coatings. The company also provides advanced materials and equipment to the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunications industries. It also invests heavily in research and development to produce new compounds and solutions. With over 100,000 inventions worldwide and over 6% of its revenue invested in R&D, the company is known for its innovation and long history of developing advanced technologies. It is headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota, and has over 92,000 employees. Mr. Mike Roman serves as the company’s Chairman & CEO.

3M Internship


  • Company Name: 3M
  • Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Career Level: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates


Join 3M Internships to earn a competitive salary of about $41,027 per year and build relevant work experience while earning a decent income. In addition, many past interns have been offered permanent positions after completing their programs, leading to direct job opportunities within the company. You will also be able to work with experienced professionals who can offer career advice and guidance. The more you handle everyday responsibilities at this company, the more confident you will become with time.


In order to be considered for an internship at 3M, you must enroll full-time in a recognized undergraduate or graduate degree program and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better. In addition to effective communication, collaborative efforts, and resolving issues, it is important to be able to work well in a team. In addition, you must possess legal authorization to work in the country, as well as an interest in the industry and the company’s values.

3M Internship Application Process?

All you need to do to apply for the 3M Internship program is click on the red button below. By doing this, you will be redirected to the company’s official careers website where you will need to click “Apply for 3M Internships”. This will take you to the “MyWorkdayJobs” portal, where you can search and select student jobs that match your skills. After finding a suitable position, carefully review the job description and ensure you meet the requirements. In the next step, you will need to hit “Apply” and then select “Apply Manually”. After that, you can fill out a form that asks for your skills, academic qualifications, and previous work experience, along with your resume. Once you have completed the application, you will receive a confirmation email, and a recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview.

Last Words

Apply for 3M Internships

Students looking to begin their careers can benefit greatly from internships at 3M. Here you will have the opportunity to get practical experience in an actual environment and work alongside some of the industry’s brightest minds. Moreover, the company also provides networking opportunities that can lead to future employment. As a result, in addition to technical skills, students can also get to develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

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