NBC Internship Summer & Fall 2024 Program

Undergraduate students are invited to apply for the NBC Internship program in 2023. This program is open to students who are interested in gaining valuable experience in the media industry. As part of this program, students will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects and learn from some of the top individuals in the industry. The NBC Internship is available during Summer, Fall, Spring, and Winter, as well as students can apply for intern jobs in various fields, such as legal, marketing, finance, graphic design, software engineering, and many more. Therefore, we encourage eligible undergraduates and graduate students to apply for available intern jobs as soon as possible to gain experience that can open up new doors for you as you seek to build a career in media.

NBC Internship 2024 Program for Undergraduates Students

NBC Internship

About NBC

NBC was founded in 1926 by the Radio Corporation of America, which became a part of NBCUniversal in 2004, a subsidiary of Comcast. NBC is a major player in the American television industry, providing a wide range of programming to viewers. It includes news, sports, entertainment, and other types of content. NBC has been the one-of-a-kind U.S. broadcaster of the Summer Olympics since 1988 and the Winter Olympics since 2002. The network provides comprehensive coverage of the games, including live broadcasts, highlights, interviews, and analyses. The network has several news shows, including “NBC Nightly News,” “Today,” and “Meet the Press.” These shows cover a wide range of topics, including politics, international news, and human interest stories.

NBC has a strong online presence as well, with its website providing information, activities, and interesting content to viewers. The network also has mobile apps that allow users to access its content on the go. Its coverage of sports, news, and entertainment makes it a versatile network that appeals to a broad audience. Located in New York City, the company has over 35,000 employees, and its CEO is Jeff Shell.


  • Company Name: NBC
  • Location: New York, NY, United States
  • Industry: Media
  • Career Level: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates


As a member of NBC Internships, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, one of which is a highly competitive salary of approximately $50,755 per year. As part of the program, you’ll be able to work with experienced individuals who can assist you in navigating the media industry environment. It is an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in the field, and this exposure will allow you to build valuable connections that may prove beneficial in the future.


To be eligible for an internship at NBC, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program. In addition, you must be authorized to work in the country in which the internship is located, and you must also have a passport. Additionally, you must be a strong communicator with excellent teamwork skills, be able to work independently and have a passion for the media industry. NBC looks for candidates who are motivated to make a difference in viewers’ lives.

NBC Internship Application Process?

You can start the hiring process for the NBC Internship program by clicking on the red button. Your browser will be redirected to the company’s official career page, where you can search for internships in the “Find a Job” section and select an opportunity that suits your qualifications. Select the job role and click “I’m interested,” which will take you to the “SmartRecruiters” jobs portal, where you will need to provide your name, contact number, skills, qualifications, and work experience, as well as your resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts. Your application information should be complete, accurate, and relevant to the program you are applying for. As soon as you submit your application, you will receive an email with the interview time, and if you qualify, you will be hired.

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Last Words

An opportunity to intern at NBC can be a highly beneficial experience for students looking to grow their skills and knowledge in the media industry. The program offers students the chance to learn about the profession, develop their skills, and establish professional relationships. They get a chance to work on projects using state-of-the-art equipment and software, which provides a valuable experience that is transferable to other areas of their lives. In addition, an internship at the network can open doors for students as they build their professional networks.

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