Jane Street Internship Summer Program 2024

Are you looking for an opportunity to join one of the most renowned quantitative trading firms in the world? If so, do not hesitate to apply for the Jane Street Summer Internship program. With this program, you will get extensive experience in the financial industry and have a chance to work alongside experts in the field. Undergraduate, graduate, and international students can apply for many available intern jobs, including Support Engineer, Researcher, Software Engineer, Trader, and many more. For this reason, it is important that you submit your application as soon as possible in order to gain exposure to the financial industry and to develop your professional skills.

Jane Street Internship 2024 Application – Hiring Software Engineering Intern

Jane Street Internship

About Jane Street

Jane Street was founded in 1999 and has grown substantially since then, becoming one of the world’s largest and most successful proprietary trading firms. It specializes in quantitative trading, which involves using mathematical models and algorithms to identify and execute profitable trades across a wide range of financial instruments, including equities, futures, options, currencies, and fixed-income securities. The firm has a reputation for being highly innovative and data-driven, and it is known for its cutting-edge research and development in the fields of computer science, mathematics, and statistics. One of the key strengths of this company is its ability to utilize its expertise in quantitative trading to identify and exploit market inefficiencies that other traders may overlook. Jane Street has an organizational structure that is designed to foster collaboration and innovation among its employees. With over 2,000 employees, the company is headquartered in New York City, and its Founder is Tim Reynolds.

Jane Street Internship


  • Company Name: Jane Street
  • Location: New York City, New York United States
  • Industry: Financial services
  • Career Level: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates


By joining Jane Street Internships, you will receive an attractive salary and a stipend of approximately $56,023 per year that is competitive with industry standards, allowing you to earn a decent income while gaining valuable work experience. Additionally, many past interns have been offered permanent positions after completing their programs, leading to direct job opportunities within the company. You will have the chance to work alongside experienced professionals who can offer valuable career advice and guidance. The more you handle everyday responsibilities and make critical decisions, the more confident you will become with time.


To be eligible for the Jane Street internship program, you must be enrolled full-time in a recognized undergraduate or graduate degree program and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. You must possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills and be able to work effectively in a team environment. You must also have legal authorization to work in the country where the internship is located, as well as a strong interest in the financial industry and the company’s values, to qualify for the internship.

Jane Street Internship Application Process?

As soon as you click on the red button, you will be able to apply for the Jane Street Internship program. When you do this, you will be taken to the company’s official careers website, where you can search for internships that match your skills. Review the job description and make sure you meet the requirements after finding a suitable position. After clicking “Apply,” you will be asked to create an account and fill out a form that asks for your skills, academic qualifications, and previous work experience, as well as attaching your resume. After completing the application process, you will receive an email confirmation, and a recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview.

Apply for Jane Street Internships

Last Words

An internship at Jane Street can be a game-changer for finance enthusiasts. With its reputation as one of the top trading firms in the world, Jane Street offers interns a challenging and rewarding experience that can positively advance their careers. Interns work alongside experienced traders, developers, and researchers on real projects that impact the firm’s bottom line. This practical experience is highly valued by employers and can give interns a competitive edge when applying for jobs after graduation.

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