CIA Internship Summer 2024 Application For Students

High school and college students who are interested in joining a U.S.-based intelligence agency where they will learn and gain practical experience in the organization’s various operations are welcome to apply for the latest CIA Internship. As an intern here, you will work with experienced professionals on real projects and participate in training sessions, workshops, as well as events that are designed to develop your skills and knowledge. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for many available student jobs, such as Data Scientist, Analyst, Researcher, Graphic Designer, Legal Advisor, Technical Analyst Intern, and many more. As a result, you should submit your application as soon as possible and get a chance to contribute to the agency’s work.

CIA Internship Summer 2024 For High School Students (Undergraduate Programs)

Cia Internship

About CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency was established in 1947 and is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and distributing intelligence information to senior policymakers. The agency is supervised by a director who reports directly to the Chief of National Intelligence and the President of the United States. The intelligence of this kind covers a wide range of activities, including human sources, signals, imagery, and open intelligence. As part of its mission to provide information on national security issues, such as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and regional conflicts, the CIA has also been involved in several high-profile operations throughout its history. Headquartered in Langley, Virginia, the company has over 21,575 employees and Mr. William Joseph Burns is its Director.

Cia internship


  • Company Name: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Location: Langley, McLean, Virginia, US
  • Industry: Intelligence Agency
  • Career Level: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates


As an intern at the CIA Internships, you will receive a competitive salary of approximately $38,133 per year, which is higher than many other internships that you can find in the market. During these programs, you can also get to become a permanent employee of the company if you perform well during your work experience. While working at the CIA requires a high level of security clearance, it can also be a challenging process, but completing it successfully can also increase both confidence and self-reliance. Finally, this program will allow you to learn new skills and obtain practical experience in intelligence analysis, language proficiency, and other areas.


An internship at CIA requires a 3.0 average GPA on a 4.0 scale and enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a nationally recognized college or university. To obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance, you must complete a thorough background investigation and pass a polygraph test. Having strong analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills can also make you an ideal candidate. In addition, it will be helpful for you to have coursework and experience in foreign languages, international relations, political science, and computer programming.

How to Submit Application for CIA Internship Program?

To apply for the CIA Internship program, you will have to click on the “Apply for CIA Internships” button. This will take you to a page where you can choose any student position that interests you and is suited to your qualifications. You will then be required to click on “Express Interest” and then hit “Create your MyLink” to fill out a form in which you will need to provide your name, contact information, skills, qualifications, and previous work experience. After that, make sure to upload your resume and then answer some of the questions included in the application. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email, and a recruiter will contact you within three weeks to schedule an interview.

Apply for CIA Internships

Last Word:

By interning at the CIA, students can gain real-world expertise in an interesting and challenging environment, which can help them develop skills such as strong analytical abilities, decision-making, communication, and teamwork. At this company, interns are also exposed to a variety of research and intelligence work, including analysis, collection, and operations. Through networking, they can also establish important connections and develop an awareness of future career paths within the intelligence community.

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