Abbvie Internship Summer Program 2024 Newest Opportunities

High School and College students who are interested in starting their careers by joining a leading pharmaceutical company where they will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects and acquire relevant experience are welcome to apply for the Abbvie Summer Internship. As part of this program, you will have the opportunity to attend conferences and training sessions where some of the top individuals in the industry will be sharing their knowledge. As a result of this exposure, you will also be able to develop a deeper understanding of the industry and enhance your abilities. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for available intern jobs in plenty of fields, such as finance, clinical trial operations, science, engineering, marketing, legal, pharmacometrics, and many more. Therefore, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible to get experience in healthcare that can lead to new opportunities for you.

Abbvie Internship for High School Students

Abbvie Internship

About Abbvie

Founded in 2012 as an independent company from Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie has grown into one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. In addition to several potential market-leading products, the company has a wide range of items being developed at various stages. Its flagship product is Humira, which is used to treat autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, it has several successful products, such as Imbruvica for treating certain blood cancers, Skyrizi for treating psoriasis, and Venclexta for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Furthermore, this company is actively involved in research and development and collaborates with various academic institutions, biotech companies, and other pharmaceutical organizations to provide new and innovative therapies to patients. Headquartered in North Chicago, Illinois, and employing over 50,000 people, Mr. Richard A. Gonzalez is the company’s Chairman & CEO.

AbbVie Internship


  • Company Name: Abbvie
  • Location: North Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Industry: Biopharmaceutical
  • Career Level: College Students / Undergraduates / Graduates


When you join Abbvie Internships, you’ll be offered a variety of benefits, but one of the most attractive ones is that you’ll be paid a highly competitive salary of approximately $61,208 per year, which is significantly higher than the average intern salary. As part of the program, you’ll also be able to work with experienced individuals who can assist you in understanding the industry environment. This is an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in the field, and this exposure will allow you to build valuable connections that may also prove beneficial in the future.


An internship at Abbvie requires you to be enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program. Also, you must be authorized to work in the country where the internship is located and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, you must possess strong communication and teamwork skills, be able to work independently, and have a passion for the pharmaceutical industry.

Application Process for Abbvie Internship?

Click on the red button below to start the hiring process for the Abbvie Internship program. Visit the company’s official careers website and browse through the wide range of student jobs and then pick one that suits your qualifications. You will now need to create an account to submit an online application once you have found the position you are interested in. Following this, you will be required to fill out a form in which you must provide your name, contact number, skills, qualifications, and work experience, as well as your resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts. Make sure your application information is complete, accurate, and relevant to the program you are applying for. Once you have submitted your application, you should wait for the email in which the interview time will be given, and if you qualify, you will be hired.

Apply for Abbvie Internships

Last Words

An opportunity to intern at Abbvie can be a highly beneficial experience for students looking to grow their skills and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. During these Pharmaceutical Biotechnology internships, students can obtain experience working with professionals in various fields, such as marketing, sales, and research. The program also provides interns with the opportunity to learn about the profession, develop their skills, and establish professional relationships.

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